An Old Friend, Revisited

A lovely multi-colored pastel chalk--testing a new lens

I picked up a new lens recently. I had read about this type of lens on a blog somewhere—I’ve lost track—and was intrigued by the possibilities. This is another ‘line-scan’ lens, a type commonly used for industrial imaging. Bar codes. Counting passing parts.

Line scan lenses are very sharp generally (if not always; not everything demands perfection). This class of lenses is little known cheap for the high quality optics they contain. I’d have to say this 80mm E36C lens passes the test. It’s a Japanese product (Tominon) from a little known company, Tomioka Optical.

To use it as a macro, I added some spacers to put it further from the sensor. This image is about 1:1 on the sensor. It’s so sharp, I suspect I could add even more spacing for even more magnification.

On the non-technical side, this speaks to the beauty of the everyday things we touch but don’t really examine. The world is full of thrills, even at the smallest levels of experience.