Back to the Barn

With the Big Camera

A week ago, I stumbled upon a really old barn and took some photos with the Sony camera.

I returned to the barn on another sunny day to get some photographs. (We’ve had intermittent smoke from the big fire east of Rainier; not too many clear days lately.) I decided to focus my attention on the other antiques around the barn.

That barn, by the way, was built in 1901. The current owner invited me onto the property to get some closer shots when he saw what I was up to.

This old truck is a Chevy, and from the shape of the hood, fender, and cab I think it’s probably early 1950s. The bed is missing; that black hunk is a modern trailer behind the truck.

Technical info: shot with the Phase One camera and 150mm f/2.8 lens, at 1/4000th of a second, ISO 50, f/2.8, hand held. I brought out the colors with increased saturation. This was a 1.3-stop underexposure, which I used to keep the colors well-saturated. For processing, I brought up the dark areas to show some detail, and then boosted the brighter areas a bit to bring out the contrast of the sunshine.

I tired some other angles; here is a vertical arrangement that shows more of the sagging curves of the barn’s roofline. Exposure settings were the same as above.

See the next post for a few other shots of antique farm equipment.