Big Train in Town

OMG, not only are trains still out there, some of them are big, loud, and, well, louder.

While Donna and I were walking casually through Sumner, WA last week, the bells started going off at a railroad crossing. Trains are big; I’m not. So I stepped back about 5-6 feet to enjoy the no-doubt-cute trying that would be sputtering along.

And what showed up was this monster. Holy cow! The earth moved. My ears got shrieked. I am not the jumpy type; I just stood there and felt the force of it (like the wind blast and that shrieking) while I held my iPhone 12 mini up and took about a dozen shots. Just poked at the screen and hoped I got something.

The engine was so tall I had to point the camera upward, which is how we got the amazing lines in the photo. I can still feel the energy of the train in this shot.

This shot is pure luck; the only thing I could really do was keep poking the exposure button and hope I got something; the experience was viscerally overpowering.