Big Tree on a Country Road

Forget curbs and streetlights; give me narrow roads and tall trees.

It’s difficult to convey just how big this tree is. I could get close and shoot just the trunk; it’s about 8’ in radius. For comparison, the telephone pole across the road from it is a typical one, so probably 32’ tall above ground.

Had to stand way back to take the shot, even with the 23mm ultra-wide-angle lens.

It was a tricky shot; the road is narrow so I wasn’t willing to set up a tripod. (Not a lot of traffic, but what there is, is too damn fast.) But, I still wanted to shoot at f/11 to get good depth of field. I settled for 1/200th of a second on a monopod and took half a dozen shots to get one that was sharp. Shot with 23mm Rodenstock on Cambo WQRS-5000 camera with IQ3 100 digital back.

No idea what the tree is yet, will have to get closer for that.

Note: the roadside is pretty clear of vegetation; the county has been through in the last few weeks scraping and cutting stuff the infringes on the right of way. By fall, everything will be overhanging the road or crawling onto it.