Bugs are everywhere, a fact I usually prefer to ignore

This was just another in my pile of dried weeds that I collected for macro photography. I broke off a very small piece, set up the camera, too my 86 photographs for focus stacking, and look who showed up. I can just make out some of the details; he’s a tiny thing.

I don’t think he’s going anywhere; I might get a chance to do a more careful photograph of just the bug soon. (I didn’t know it was there; it’s so tiny it does not stand out. Not even sure how the heck it clings to the branch…)

Technical note: I had noticed a bright ring in many of my macro shots using the fancy new setup with the tubes from ThorLabs. I put rough tape on several possible reflective surfaces inside the tube, but it didn’t help; it turned out to be a very narrow edge very close to the camera, so the third attempt to tape things up worked. This was the first set of photos without the reflection.