Cherry Tree Buds

The cherry tree in the front yard will be in bloom in about a month, but the buds have just started to open.

There are a pair of cherry trees that have an abundance of white blossoms around late April/early May. The buds are just beginning to open; I can see little hints of green coming into view.

The branch tips are very soft wood, very flexible.

Technical info: shot with the Cosmicar-Pentax machine vision lens on the Sony camera. I added a 10mm spacer to get a little closer to the details on this branch tip. And then I changed my mind and wanted to include more of the branch, of course. So I backed off about 50mm and refocused.

This did not work as well as I hoped; the center remains sharp, but some of the outer portion of the image were soft (likely due to spherical aberration from the look of it). So this lens works well as a macro, but it wants to be at its tightest/closest focus setting. I cropped out the fuzzy parts.