Field of Buttercups

with a dollop of mountain on top

Gorgeous sunny day in Western Washington today. I headed for a field of buttercups I had seen on all the rainy days, and took this panorama with Mt. Rainier in the background. Take just north of Orting along Rt. 162.

Technical info: Phase One XF camera with IQ3 100 digital back, 80mm lens. Exposure was 1/800th of a second, ISO 200, aperture f/11. Those choices were, in order: to deal with the movement of the buttercups in a stiff wind, to compensate for the short exposure and small aperture, and to get decent depth of field both near and far.

There was a good mix of high clouds to add some interest.

Here’s a single shot with Mt. Rainier:

And here is a detail of the above single shot at 100% (click to enlarge):

Yep: that field was in the process of being plowed under. I got there just in time. I had waited for this kind of shot since about this time last year, when I first noticed the buttercups.

By the way: although I like the viewpoint I used here (standing above the flowers), I also took some shots earlier with the camera down at the level of the flowers, which gives an entirely different look:

That shot was with the Cambo WRS-5000 and the 32mm Rodenstock lens. This was shot on a tripod, so I used a lower ISO, a longer shutter speed, and a smaller aperture to get an even deeper depth of field. I like both styles (above, and level with) about the same.