Foothills Trail Bridge


This extravagant-looking bridge is just one small part of the Foothills Trail, which extends for many miles from, roughly, Enumclaw, WA out past Orting. This flying span is gorgeous, and only visible if you go down into the gorge below it (Lower Burnett Road).

Technical notes: this was taken with a pretty fancy lens that I rented for a few days to experiment with, the Sony 12-24mm F/2.8 wide-angle. It is a lovely bit of kit—very sharp, especially for a wide angle. I got so many good images of the bridge from below that I could hardly pick one, but this one strikes me with its wild curves and beautiful colors.

To get clean, undistorted images with a wide angle, especially one as extreme as this one, you would point it level at the subject. But the bridge is so high up, it forces you to angle the camera upward. That is why the trees all seem to bend together. Not realistic, but the distortions complements the wild angle of the bridge and make for a very active-looking still image. Sacrificing the level look also allowed me to get crazy with the placement of bridge elements, creating the big sweep of the main arch.

Shot at 12mm focal length, at f/5.6 for 1/100 sec. ISO 100