Laughing Cow and Sleeping Cow

The expressions of cows are endlessly amusing.

The neighbors across the street have a small herd of cattle, and I see them pretty much every day. When I take the time to look, I see everything from zen tranquility to pissed-off rage. These animals have more range than a Hollywood casting session. :)

This morning I had a little time to test some lenses. These are antique lenses for old-fashioned view cameras, the kind with stretchy bellows and a cover over the photographer’s head. I have a very modern camera like that now, and I have been testing these old lenses with a digital camera back to see if any of the hold up.

Amazingly, most of them are really very good lenses, even for digital.

This lens is a 400mm Fuji, and did a great closeup of these two. I didn’t really look at the subject, other than to frame the leading lines in it reasonably well. Now I find out these two were either putting on a show or perhaps meditating somewhere in the higher realms of cow consciousness.

The far one is, to me, the True Laughing Cow. The hear one looks sleepy, almost like she is about to drop to the ground.

The lens is sharp, has great color transparency. Need to use it for a shot of Mt. Rainer soon.