Mogollon Rim

Panorama of one of Arizona's natural wonders

The Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona is the edge of a plateau that extends for several hundred miles from west to east. This is looking out over the broken edge of the plateau toward Sedona, AZ.

Technical info: a panorama made up of four photos taken from the roadside. The lens is the Sony 90mm f/2 macro—a sharp lens, good for more than just macro. Exposure is 1/8000th second at f/2.8, ISO 100. The shots were deliberately underexposed by two stops to preserve bright detail. The camera, the A7R III, has excellent dynamic range for the 35mm format, so the shadow details are still accurately recorded despite the underexposure.

I added an Ektar film simulation—ideal for the color range of the rocks. It gives the shot a bit of the grandeur of 70s and 80s postcard photographs, which emphasized color saturation and a warm color balance.

The image here is half size; the detail in the full-size photo is really sharp.

Later, we went to small park (probably Buddha Beach, along the Oak River) with a view of the Cathedral Rocks portion of the Rim. This view is looking from a large field in the middle of the park. Same lens and camera, but a 1/6500th second exposure.