More Mt. Rainier Sunset

A wider view from the same position as earlier, with swallows

This photo was taken from the same position as the last post. In fact, this was the very first photo I took—I have lost opportunities to one thing or another over the years, so I like to grab something right away just to be sure I have a photo. This was taken with the lens that was already on the camera, a 45mm f/2.8. A 45mm is a wide-angle lens in medium format, roughly equivalent to shooting with a 28mm lens on a 35mm camera. The sky and trees are a little brighter at this point. The sun has already set, but the sky is very bright and gives a blue cast to the shadows.

I like this view best of the images I shot yesterday; the mountain is small in the frame, but the river has interesting colors and textures, as do the trees, and I like seeing all of that just as much as a close-up of the mountain. Both types of images are valuable to me.

Despite the wide angle, there are a lot of pixels in a medium format camera, and the mountain has good detail despite how small it is in the overall frame. Here is a 100% crop of the area with the mountain to show you just how much information is in a single frame. (It won’t be 100% on the page, but if you click to look at it, you can see it at 100%.) Mt. Rainer is more than 20 miles away, so the evening air was very clear.

You may notice some black specs in the image; those are swallows. They were all over the place above the river, grabbing insects. Here is a small bit of the sky showing a few of the birds.