Mt. Rainier Panorama, Sunset

Extra-extra wide, just like the sauce we get at Route 66 Pizza in Orting, WA

I love doing panoramas of Mt. Rainier and the Cascade Mountains from the empty fields on the north side of Orting. Mt. Rainier itself is a bit hidden at the bottom, but there is a good section of the Cascades visible from there.

This is an 7-shot panorama. Individual images taken with the new Phase One digital back, and the 400mm Rodenstock f/4.5 Grandagon lens. It’s a compact style, and not as sharp as my other view-camera lenses, but it’s still quite good. Although the camera looks ungainly with its bellows and cables (I’ll have to post a picture of it one of these days), it is technically excellent and took a nice, precision panorama.

Here’s a single shot, of Rainier, from the set.

Just fits. I’d probably be better off with a shorter lens for single shots…