Mt. Rainier, with Clouds

"The Mountain" is often obscured by clouds, but sometimes they look kinda cute.

Donna and I were driving through Enumclaw on a day with a lot of clouds (this is Seattle, after all), but I was keeping an eye out to see if “the Mountain” was out.

It was hazy; there were clouds all around the mountain. But the top was showing, so I suggested we take the back way home, which goes by a field with a good view of Rainier.

Grabbed a few quick shots with the Sony and the 135mm lens and this was the result after processing.

Technical info: I used Capture One’s haze removal to get some clarity in the photo (maybe a bit more than necessary in the foreground…), and delicately adjusted the white balance to bring out inherent warm/cool colors in the clouds (ground-facing surfaces a little brownish; sky-facing surfaces white to blue).

This was the result. Might revisit and soften up the foreground a bit, next time around.