Night Photography

I experimented with subtle differences in lighting tonight

We had thick clouds tonight, but there were occasional breaks and the moon shone through one of them. (I left my camera out in the driveway for about an hour waiting for a break to show up…)

The exposure was pretty long for a full moon exposure because the moon was partly obscured by the clouds: 1/20th of a second instead of 1/1000th. I shot at f/5.6 and ISO 400, so there is some noise in the dimmest areas but they don’t show up much here because I did not push the image too hard. Taken with the 240mm lens on the Phase One XF camera.

I was really surprised at the color in the clouds. A lot of warm tones there.

Here’s another shot; the two cherry trees at the top of the driveway above the marker lights, and some moon-illuminated clouds behind them. (Naturally, there was clear sky where the moon wasn’t…)

The shot of the cherry trees is much longer, 10 seconds, at ISO 200 and f/8. Taken with the 32mm lens with a 15mm fall for framing on the Cambo WRS-5000 camera.