Pink Snow

The recent wind and rain accelerated the fall of cherry blossoms petals.

I opened the garage door to this scene this afternoon.

Technical info: Shot with Cambo WRS-5000 and 32mm lens at f/11, 1/120th second. I used a 15mm fall to get a more upward shot, and eliminate a good chunk of concrete driveway.

Since there was a translation of the sensor (the 15mm drop), I corrected with an LCC frame in Capture One—the top was quite dark and bizarrely colored prior to the correction.

I have refined my home-made LLC plate (which I had been holding against the rim of the lens prior to today). I sanded the exterior side to get rid of glue residue from the stupidly large label that was on it, and got a few very large rubber bands to hold it in place when I have to take multiple LCC frames.

I forgot to focus (!), but it came out OK largely due to shooting at f/11. Whew!