Rainier Gets Its Snow Back

Meanwhile, the low country sleeps under blankets of fog

We had a wicked storm today—windy, heavy rains at times. And then instantly, just before sunset, the skies clearer. I grabbed the DJI Mini 2 drone, and took it up to 500 meters to see if The Mountain was out.


The white stuff, which I thought at first was snow at low resolution on my phone, is thick fog, rising in wisps from the deeper valleys.

And Mt. Rainier has (some of) its snow back.

The image above is a crop of a panorama I made of the scene:

Here is the sunset that was illuminating the mountain.

The rising fog at bottom right is over South Prairie Creek, and it continued to develop after sunset—I had to drive through a pea-soup fog about an hour later after running some errands.

Fall is here, no doubt about it.