My first ever "urban landscape" photos with the new camera

I drove with Donna to Bellevue, WA this morning for an appointment at the eye doctor. Since here eyes would be dilated, I was there to handle the ride home. Support or family not allowed in the facility, so I wandered around a courtyard outside the French bakery where I got a nice Marionberry croissant. (It was cleverly named The French Bakery.)

Found this reflecting pool. Got shots at two angles. The one above is my favorite because it’s bold, delicate, confusing to the eye at first and has that marvelous line with a dark panel at the bottom. (I fall in love with the most curious things.)

This was the view in the other direction. Reflections on multiple levels: the pool and the windows.

Both shots are 1/60th of a second on a tripod, ISO 50 to maintain detail, and f/11 for good depth of field. 45mm lens (wish I’d thought to bring the 32mm to make that second shot wider!).