Row of Toy Shrubs

Not toys...optical illusion lens trick

This is an interesting illusion: because of the very narrow zone of focus, the 6-8-foot-tall shrubs look like miniatures. (You may have to view at a large enough size to see it.)

I used a long lens (300mm f/2.8 Canon) that day, and I was taking shots of Mt. Rainier. These were just below the frame for the mountain, so I grabbed a few shots to see what become of it. I left the lens aperture wide open to limit the depth of field, just to see how it would look with only the shrubs in focus.

Technical info: This affect, with a blurred foreground and background, is a well-known one in photo circles, and it is often used just for fun. Maybe to make a real city street look like a miniature model of a city street. This photos shows that country scene work just as well. :)

But beyond that cute effect, limiting the depth of field to just the shrub zone isolates the shrubs. All the other distances are starved for detail; the shrubs become the only food for your hungry eyes. :)