The Big 'Shroom invades the back yard

I was mowing the lawn yesterday, and as I’m rounding the corner at the far end of the yard, I see…what looked like a cute little stool. It took a few glances to finally figure out it was a stool for a toad. I left the grass uncut there, and came back a little later with camera in tow. I took a lot of photos from a lot of angles. These are my faves.

Technical notes: this was a hard item to shoot well. It’s big, really big, almost a foot in diameter. I wanted to shoot it with the 135mm lens to preserve as much detail of the underside as possible, so I needed to squeeze the aperture down. f/5.6. didn’t put enough of the toadstool into focus. f/8 was decent, but the best shots were at f/11 and f/13. Of course I don’t have a tripod that can go low, so…handheld it was. Of the thirty or so shots, less than ten were adequately focused.

[I did try to search on Google with the images to find out what this is, but the best Google could come up with was grass and…perch. Nice try, corporate nanny.