Weed with New Glass

Some small differences make a big difference

This image was taken with a certain microscope objective I recently acquired. It is the LOMO, and it compares really well with the recent photograph of another part of this same weed with the Mitutoyo. The LOMO cost me $80; the Mitutoyo is ten times that. And while the Mitutoyo is in fact slightly shaper, the look of the LOMO images is more pleasing to my eye every time.

My guess is that the LOMO just delivers slightly warmer looking images, and that the color saturation is a little more solid. Whatever the technical reasons, I favor the cheap lens because it just feels better. :)

Technical notes: I took 202 images, but because I had my computer monitor in the background, only 125 of them had the same level of illumination. But they captured enough of the depth to make a good image, so I’m happy.

The entire depth was 5mm of travel in 25µm (micron) steps. So with 125 images the depth here is just a little over 3mm.

For whatever reason, this is my favorite image of the bunch of weeds I collected a couple of months ago for imaging purposes. This is the last fragment, will have to find new ideas I guess. But I think this LOMO objective is a wonderful tool to work with.