When Pigs Fly

I assume Magritte would like it

One of Donna’s favorite things about the new house was the flying pig weathervane. I was just sort of getting used to it when the urge to test a feature of my camera possessed me enough to brave the outside world for a few minutes. I shot some lingering roses, and then I remembered…the pig.

Technical notes: It was intended as a boring test photo. My camera has a ‘pixel shift’ shooting mode that is supposed to provide higher resolution images using magical combinatorial techniques. (Or is it mathematical techniques? I’m unsure.)

And yes, there is an extra level of detail there. But then I cropped out the boring stuff, and got this. I love it to death. Our flying pig, memorialized. But then I got the idea to use cloning to revise the story a bit more—and this is the version that I would hope Magritte would enjoy.