Without the purple, though.

So what is that furry thing? An anteater with a fancy winter coat?

That is the tip of a Wisteria seed pod. I have been intrigued lately by plant surfaces that look hairy. It obviously isn’t real fur, but the strands are quite hairlike in appearance and feel. I saw similar fuzz on the terminal (over-winter) bud of an apple tree branch.

To the naked eye, the fuzz is very short, doesn’t look like fur at all, more like a soft texture.

Technical info: 126 images taken with Sony camera and LOMO 3.7x microscope objective. I used a StackShot to move about 26 microns between shots. I then stacked the shots, each of which has a narrow band of focus due to the small aperture, in Affiniti Photo, which does an excellent job on this sort of thing.