Extra-extra wide, just like the sauce we get at Route 66 Pizza in Orting, WA
Amazingly colorful roadside rooster.
Having tabulated 4,302,200 votes*, the winner is...Mt. Rainier. Again.
Found another secluded spot to photograph The Mountain.
Took Lily out in the yard to get a few photographs with the new camera.
These three trees and their howling tree-dog were seen down by South Prairie Creek...
Just caught sight of a raven in the forest as it was taking off.
Testing a new extender to get closer views of the birds
I used Affinity Photo, but Photoshop can do this, too.
Love redwing blackbirds ever since childhood.
Donna and Lily on a walk next to a mature forest at Lake Wilderness
We had a pretty heavy snowfall a few days ago; finally getting around to posting a shot of it.